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“Australian households throw out over $1.1 billion worth of fruit and vegetables annually”
“The average Australian household throws out an estimated $616 worth of food a year, which equates to $239 per person”
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare - “Australia’s Food and Nutrition 2012" Report

$10 of fruits and vegetables wasted per week = $520 per year
$5 of fruits and vegetables wasted per week = $260 per year

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Benefits of using Super Fresh Bags:-

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits are always available in your refrigerator as they keep fresh for longer - at least two weeks– no more hassles of running out of salads and fruits.
  • No more spoilt / stale vegetables and fruits being thrown out after a week - save on household fresh food expenditure – save money – no wastage.
  • Daily stops at the supermarket to buy fresh vegetables and fruits are a thing of the past – save time, save energy and save travel costs.
  • Clean aesthetic bags, keeps refrigerators healthy – no odours.  Bags can be labelled or written-on to identify food stored.
  • Bags are re-usable and affordable - not a major expense item to the weekly household budget.
  • Bags can be recycled – has many different applications.